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Tetrabyte‘s VoIP services for business is the ideal way to provide the advanced functionality of a large corporate telephone system to a business of any size. As you are no doubt aware VoIP is an acronym that stands for voice over internet protocol, but what in reality does this mean?

Simply put, it is using the internet to make telephone calls, and in doing so, reducing line rental costs and providing cheaper per minutes’ rates than are normally available.

With our hosted business VoIP your Company can access a number of features which can be tailored made to suit your specific needs and cloud based VoIP removes the need to have an onsite PBX. Tetrabyte always aim to be the best VoIP service for business on the market and as such, we include many features that other providers charge for.


Having Tetrabyte as your hosted VoIP provider offers the following benefits.

30 day rolling agreements

We do not tie any of our clients in to long term contracts and this is just one of the reasons why our clients consider us to be a best business VoIP provider. Our philosophy is simple and ethical, if you are unhappy with our hosted VoIP service, you are not tied to long contracts and could leave with just a 30 day notice period.

This means that Tetrabyte always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with our service

Memorable Phone Numbers

Just as you can elect to change your ATM pin number, Tetrabyte through our business VoIP system gives you the option to choose from a range of phone numbers to something that suits you personally for your office VoIP system.

Call Grouping

Our voice over ip system offers the facility have a setup whereby the calls can be designated to be answered sequentially by your staff. For example, your VoIP business phones could be designed to automatically call a secondary number, after a short period of time, if there is no one available at the first number.

The Tetrabyte VoIP system allows use of this ideal feature to avoid missing any important calls when a member of staff is away from their desk, making Tetrabyte the best option especially for a small business voip phone service.

Call Routing

With a hosted VoIP system comes freedom of movement. You no longer need to be ‘chained to the office’ afraid to leave in case you miss that all important phone call.

By using Tetrabyte’s business VoIP solutions a call to your office phone can be seamlessly transferred to you on your mobile or home phone. Essentially, business VoIP services could remove the need for additional staff to take phone calls when you are out of the office.

Switchboard and Auto-Attendants

As a VoIP service provider we understand the benefit of being able to customise your telephone’s salutation to make your greeting more unique and personal for the industry you are in. Client/customer dissatisfaction can arise when a telephone system is less than efficient.

Our voice over ip service allows direct connection to various extensions by simply choosing from a number of options accessed through the telephone keypad.

Music on Hold

Why not aim to target your key market by uploading your own music for your personalised business VoIP system


The solution to out of office hours calls made to your Company, VoIP plans are an efficient way of recording and relaying messages either as a voice recording email attachment sent directly to your mobile device.

Advanced Call Handling

Avoid misdirection of calls and possible unnecessary distress to customers/clients by ensuring that they are put in contact with the person who they need to speak to, with calls being categorised for example on the basis of date, time, caller ID or number dialed.

What Does it Cost?

Pricing starts from £16.29 per month per user.
You can add unlimited handsets without increasing your monthly cost and more lines if you need.


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What Our Customers Say About Tetrabyte

  • Having now been with Tetrabyte some months and using their expertise in IT Support I can only praise the whole team for their professional attitude. They resolve issues quickly and go above and beyond by ensuring that when something is fixed it stays fixed… I am happy with their level of support and cannot but recommend them and their services.

    Hendri Cawood, London

  • …As always polite, knowledgeable and can do right now approach with a friendly and approachable personality never leaving me thinking that I am silly for calling even on the most simple of tasks.

    Sarah Veness, Hastings

  • The guys are always at the other end of the phone and log straight in remotely to fix the problem there and then (no down time). Whatever is necessary to get the job done the team at Tetrabyte will do it.

    Murray Greenhill, East Sussex

  • Since Tetrabyte have taken over the service, issues with IT are now at a minimum which is very important for the work that we do. I have no hesitations in recommending Tetrabyte to any other organisation, due to the high level of support they provide.

    Rachel Evans, London

  • I get many calls and emails from IT support companies offering their services but I am 100% confident that Tetrabyte provide the best service for our organization. I would certainly recommend them.

    Di Smith, East Sussex

  • We have worked with Tetrabyte for about seven years now and have found them to be brilliant. As somebody that isn’t the most IT literate, I have found them to be extremely helpful, patient and supportive…

    Debbie Hargreaves, St Leonards on Sea

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