Fixed Monthly Fee

What does Tetrabytes ‘Fixed Monthly Fee’ really mean?

Tetrabyte offer all our Business IT Support on a Fixed Monthly Fee, this is our promise to you to ensure that you don’t get unnecessary surprises at the end of the month.

Other Outsourced IT Support Providers for Business can add costs such as the below:

Virus Removal – Tetrabyte £0 – Other Providers up to £95 Per Hour

So you bought the recommended antivirus and you followed all the rules you could remember, but somehow, you still have malware on your computer. You need this removed and you need it done fast.

Some IT Companies will bill this as out of contract support, we’ve heard costs up to £95 per hour.

Tetrabyte do NOT charge for the work required to remove a virus infection, even if that’s a full re-install of your devices.

The only exception to this rule is where the customer refuses to use any form of reputable Antivirus product on their machine, which as you can imagine, when Tetrabyte provide TOTALLY FREE Managed Antivirus on all customer machines, is fair enough!

New Computer Setup or Computer Re-installs – Tetrabyte £0 – Other providers up to £200 per machine

Every few years you decide to upgrade your computers or you come across a problem that can be solved faster by reinstalling the machine than hunting down the cause, so you need your software moved or installed, you need your data moved and all your finely tuned settings you’ve perfected over the years to allow you to work just the way you want to.

Some IT Companies will charge to move all of this from one installation to another.

Tetrabyte do NOT charge for migrations or additional machine setups. We arrange everything for you, some customer choose to purchase their own machines and some purchase through Tetrabyte. All are treated the same and the labour to setup the machine on your network is totally included in your monthly contract!

New Servers and Migrations – Tetrabyte £0 – Other providers up to £4000

Maybe your looking at a new server now, maybe it will be 5 years down the line, when that time comes you need to know that whether you purchase your server from Tetrabyte or not, setup and migration is all included in your monthly fee.

Tetrabyte will move your data and services from one server to the next, and fully decommission your old server as part of our FIXED monthly fee, no extras

We have heard of migration fee’s from other providers up to £4,500!!!

Consultancy – Tetrabyte £0 – Other Providers up to £150 Per Hour

So you’re planning a new project, new software or moving your company to another office, you need your IT Team on hand to discuss your plans, advise and guide you ensure you’re not forgetting anything and you can effortless proceed with your ideas.

Some IT Companies charge for advice, They say their contracts are limited to “support of current systems”.

Tetrabyte Managed IT Support for Business are always on hand to offer friendly advice and consultancy, with instant access to our engineers you can call up and know that you’ll instantly be speaking with an engineer familiar with your environment and happy to help. Our team aim to do everything an internal IT Team would do for you, so advice and assistance is fully included in our Business Remote IT Support contracts

New Software/Hardware Setup – Tetrabyte £0 – Other Providers up to £150 Per Hour

When a salesman calls you up and sells you a great idea, some new software or a new gizmo in your office to make your lives easier, he gives you a great price and you want to go ahead. With Tetrabyte you don’t have to hesitate, some IT Support Providers may charge for this additional setup and configuration on your computers or network, Tetrabyte Fixed Monthly Fee ensures your covered without any additional costs!

Out of Hours Emergencies – Tetrabyte £0 – Other Providers up to £250 per Hour

When is the worst time for a server to crash, what do you do when at 5:45 on a Friday your laptop dies and you need to finish that proposal for Monday morning. Its critical to your business you are able to operate, and its critical to Tetrabyte that your satisfied with our service, we even back this with our monthly rolling agreements.

Most IT Companies charge a premium rate for Out of Hours Support, from minor problems to major service outages, if it happens out of hours, you can expect a hefty bill.

Tetrabyte operate a different way, if the incident is Business Critical, we’ll get back to you and get you up and running ASAP. We said it was a Fixed Monthly Fee and we meant it!

So what do we charge for?

Now let’s keep things honest, Tetrabyte have a dedication to fixing your monthly bill but sometimes, you want something and you expect it to have a charge. Tetrabyte do occasionally add additional charges but we keep them limited and we always provide a quote before we commence any works that incurs an additional cost. Examples of additional costs might be:

  • On-site visit to your business for organisations that do not have our ‘UNLIMITED On-Site Support’
  • Courier costs if you ask us to arrange transport of hardware to or from our offices – About £12 each way for a PC Tower
  • If you increase or decrease the amount of licenses for Monthly products such as Hosted Exchange or Spam Filtering
  • When you change the quantity or computers and server you ask us to support, we don’t normally change your bill for an individual computer, but if you add several new machines at once or if we notice you have increased during our annual reviews, your monthly fees may change.
  • If you purchase hardware or software from us, the cost of this is quoted and invoiced to you.
  • Network / hardware installations, e.g. network cables, sockets, patch panels etc.

We hope our Fixed Monthly Fee looks good to you, it certainly works for our customers! If you want to check up on us, we can always provide plenty of happy customers you can talk to for references, just ask!



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What Our Customers Say About Tetrabyte

  • Having now been with Tetrabyte some months and using their expertise in IT Support I can only praise the whole team for their professional attitude. They resolve issues quickly and go above and beyond by ensuring that when something is fixed it stays fixed… I am happy with their level of support and cannot but recommend them and their services.

    Hendri Cawood, London

  • …As always polite, knowledgeable and can do right now approach with a friendly and approachable personality never leaving me thinking that I am silly for calling even on the most simple of tasks.

    Sarah Veness, Hastings

  • The guys are always at the other end of the phone and log straight in remotely to fix the problem there and then (no down time). Whatever is necessary to get the job done the team at Tetrabyte will do it.

    Murray Greenhill, East Sussex

  • Since Tetrabyte have taken over the service, issues with IT are now at a minimum which is very important for the work that we do. I have no hesitations in recommending Tetrabyte to any other organisation, due to the high level of support they provide.

    Rachel Evans, London

  • I get many calls and emails from IT support companies offering their services but I am 100% confident that Tetrabyte provide the best service for our organization. I would certainly recommend them.

    Di Smith, East Sussex

  • We have worked with Tetrabyte for about seven years now and have found them to be brilliant. As somebody that isn’t the most IT literate, I have found them to be extremely helpful, patient and supportive…

    Debbie Hargreaves, St Leonards on Sea

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