Count on Tetrabyte As Your IT Helpdesk

At Tetrabyte, we are very proud of our customer service team. When you decide to use Tetrabyte as your remote IT support and services company, you are signing up for the best IT helpdesk in the industry.

We offer 30-day rolling contracts with no set up fees so you can see for yourself the quality of our services and customer care. Since customer service should be personalised and make you feel like you’re getting one on one attention, we give our clients their own free phone number to talk to our expert technicians one on one and not have to go through the annoying process of calling one number then pressing an extension wait on hold and possible be reconnected if they were sent to the wrong operator.

Don’t get bogged down by slow IT support and customer service, switch to Tetrabyte. We are confident that your business will be more than satisfied with our customised help services.

For more information on how we can help your business grow exponentially with our unlimited remote IT services or to customise your IT package, call us on 0800 160 1066.

The grass is greener with Tetrabyte, we look forward to hearing from you.

IT Consultant: Let’s Raise the Bar!

Is your company looking for an IT Consultant that you can depend on? At Tetrabyte, we are staffed with reliable professional engineers who are on call at our help desk to assist with any technical support that your employees may need throughout the work day. You can be assured that you will always immediately be connected with an experienced technician in under a minute who is familiar with your business and your support history, offering remote assistance that always feels personalised and friendly.

Our flat monthly fixed fee with zero hidden charges provides an access pass to only the best unlimited IT Support, whether it be a simple easy-fix solution (there are no silly questions!!) to a number of nightmare scenarios that make you feel like you’d want to pull your hair out. We guarantee we have seen and heard it all, and we have time and time again been a beacon of light in a company storm for many a business and charity around the United Kingdom.

IT Consultants from

Our ethos is based on eliminating any unnecessary stress from the office, so as part of our promise we are also committed to working with any third party contacts to resolve any IT issue so that you don’t have to. Your personal IT Consultant will coordinate with all relevant parties and keep you informed of the outcomes until they have your issue resolved. The feedback from our clients consistently praises our speed and efficiency as problem solvers. Your satisfaction and desired trust drives our IT consultants, who take great pride in the security and support they offer to your staff and management.

Our IT Consultant team is always available to offer consistent solutions on our free UK number (0800 160 1066). We also offer our price promise guarantee where we offer to beat any competitor’s fee for similar services. Join our network of pleased customers and let us deliver for your company as well.



IT Outsourcing: Take A Load Off

Wondering about the advantages of IT Outsourcing for your business? Tetrabyte consistently receives feedback from our satisfied clients that showcase why we are the very best when it comes to customer and technical support in the UK.

What Are Some of The Reasons To Consider IT Outsourcing?

  • Hiring and training in-house IT staff can be a lengthy process when you need solutions NOW! In this way, you also remove any issues of non-coverage due to sickness or holiday of your employee, plus you reduce your outgoings by not having to pay pension, PAYE or National Insurance contributions on their behalf.
  • Tetrabyte’s flat fixed fee with no sneaky charges gives you access to unlimited comprehensive blanket IT support based on the needs of your business and employees.
  • There will always be a constant source of expertise and knowledge at your fingertips with one simple phone call that will connect your employees with one of our superior engineers in a blink of an eye.
  • Our team has unmatched experience, and there isn’t much that we haven’t encountered or seen that will surprise us. Also, with our managed IT support in place we take a preventative stance so as to prevent disruptive problems in the future.
  • We are always ahead of potential new developments and technology, with an eye for knowing what will truly benefit your company and improve efficiency moving forward.
  • With limited managerial time and resources, IT outsourcing can help your business focus on the bottom line and what matters while we worry about complex IT decisions and present your options in a way that makes sense.
  • We manage any potential security risks, keeping your data, workstations and server systems secure and in-place, giving you peace of mind everyday.

Ring us on our free UK number (0800 160 1066) to discuss how IT Outsourcing can add up to many savings, benefits and ease of mind for your company. We work with small and large businesses, from charities to corporations, and we have proven time and time again that we are the people to call for resolutions when it comes to IT technical support. Let us handle your IT needs today!

3 Reasons Why You Need To Backup Your Server

In a day and age where we store volumes and volumes of documents, files, audio, video,etc on our computer servers, its imperative to take the steps to preserve our data by backing up our servers. Its scary to think about years and years worth of data can be lost in a variety of ways.

It dramatic as if your home or business experiences a fire or theft. Also it could be as seemingly blameless as accidentally rebooting your computer or your server crashes and all your data disappears. That’s why whether its just your personal data on your laptop or you own a business and need to preserve your company’s data.

Here at Tetrabyte, we’ve come up with three reasons why its important for you to backup your server. Firstly, as we’ve stated above and the most obvious is to prevent data loss.

Secondly, it can help your business grow. If you’re a rapidly growing small business doing a nightly virtual backup will a.) not take up physical space in your office or building b.) make data management much easier.

Thirdly, an entire server backup (versus just data backup) is important because it will be easier for restore an entire server then to just restore data which will then require re-installing the former operating system and any accompanying applications. Time is of the essence in a server crash and you shouldn’t waste time re-installing these things while trying to recuperate your data.

If you are interested in our Tetrabyte Managed Backup service, you can call us on 0800 160 1066. We will encrypt your server’s data to current industry standards and transfer for it virtually over night to our physical serves. So you can be sure your data will be secure with us.

Backup by

Technical Support From Tetrabyte: Terrific!

Technical Support from TByte.comAt Tetrabyte, we place a premium on awesome customer service while providing outstanding remote technical support. We make it our priority to solve everyday issues that arise in your workplace every time we pick up the phone, with unlimited service and solutions no matter how minor or grand. Our mission is to make your business life more manageable and much easier.

We also offer preventative services through our proactive monitoring, analysing your servers and workstations behind the scenes for potential problems that can be avoided.

We stake our reputation on the trusted relationship we develop with our valued clients. Instead of waxing on about our commitment to service, we’d like to offer some testimonials from some very satisfied customers:

Debbie Hargreaves, FCA Sellens French Chartered Accountants:

“We have worked with Tetrabyte for about seven years now and have found them to be brilliant. As somebody that isn’t the most IT literate, I have found them to be extremely helpful, patient and supportive. The remote access support has enabled our network to operate smoothly and consistently without any down time, which is essential. I already recommend the Tetrabyte team to clients and will keep doing so.”

Murray Greenhill, Technical Sales and Programming:

“Not long after I started my current employment at Charter Controls I noticed that the level of IT support we were receiving at the time was not very efficient and we had long waits to get things done. I looked into this a bit further and realised it was also really expensive too. I had already heard about Tetrabyte from my previous employment so gave them a call and we have not looked back ever since. The guys are always at the other end of the phone and log straight in remotely to fix the problem there and then (no down time). Whatever is necessary to get the job done the team at Tetrabyte will do it.”

Every time we disconnect from a computer it asks our clients for optional feedback, and we compile it for continuous quality improvement. Some of the more recent comments to our enquiry:

“What aspect of our service impressed you most?” 

  • Fast response and polite chap.
  • Martyn was calm and patient, and of very knowledgeable
  • Expert knowledge and quick solution to my problem
  • Quickly resolved
  • Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and helpful staff.
  • Speed & Knowledge
  • Ability to retrieve information
  • Everything
  • Expertise and Rapidity
  • Steve’s helpfulness and patience
  • Speed, patience and understanding of the problem without even looking at the screen in question.
  • Steve’s Charm!!
  • How quick Ashley returned my phone call and resolution of the problem!
  • Polite and courteous as usual, promptly dealt with, again as usual. Thanks Steve!
  • I rang at 9am, Martyn answered with 3 rings and the printer was loaded and ready to go in no time. As always polite, knowledgeable and can do right now approach with a friendly and approachable personality never leaving me thinking that I am silly for calling even on the most simple of tasks.

Our team is always on call for your technical support needs on our free UK number (0800 160 1066). Chat us today to discuss how we can partner to take your It Support Services to a whole new level. Soon you’ll be working at your desk to a tranquil background of ocean surf knowing Tetrabyte is acting as your company’s IT security blanket.

IT Customer Service from Tetrabyte: Testimonials

IT Customer Service from TByte.comFrom charities to small businesses to emerging enterprises, Tetrabyte is here to offer supreme IT Customer Service and technical expertise. We strive to develop and maintain trusted relationships with our clients that go above and beyond other companies.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank some of our esteemed partners. We talk a lot about our IT Support services because we are proud, but only because we can back it up. We’d like to showcase some of our highly valued reviews:

Di Smith, SCDA Ltd Systems Administrator:

Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA) Ltd is a registered charity and our mission statement is “providing community regeneration through integrated voluntary sector action. Tetrabyte have been providing our IT support for approximately 7 years and during that time SCDA has expanded considerably. Originally we were Newhaven Community Development Association (NCDA) but as we have expanded throughout Sussex we have changed our name to Sussex Community Development Association and we have recently rebranded our organization and our website. Tetrabyte has constantly been there to guide and advise throughout this expansion including setting up a number of new sites, installing all internet lines and switches etc., so we can move in and get to work from day one. As our Employment Project has a large Work Programme contract (G4S/ Avanta), they have to abide by Government (DWP) set regulations regarding security and data protection and Tetrabyte continually ensure these precautions are in place and adhered to. They also supply off-site server backups and our anti-virus and anti-spam solutions. As a local charity employing over 100 staff almost all of whom use PCs or laptops it is the case that many of our staff are not terribly knowledgeable about IT, particularly with the use of servers, wifi, or remote access (or even sometimes in using Windows Office). The Tetrabyte team are unfailingly helpful, patient and understanding about this. Our total IT requirement probably numbers some 150 machines so demand for Tetrabyte’s attention can be quite high and yet the service they provide remains the same. I get many calls and emails from IT support companies offering their services but I am 100% confident that Tetrabyte provides the best service for our organization. I would certainly recommend them.”

Rachel Evans, nia Central Services Coordinator:

nia is a highly-qualified valued service provider for women, children and young people who have experienced male violence. Tetrabyte have been our IT provider for over eighteen months on a 30day rolling contract. Our IT system both hardware and software when Tetrabyte took over was in great need of an overhaul and Tetrabyte provided support and advice on how best this could be done. They provided advice on hardware and software. Tetrabyte also supply our off site server back up and ensure that our anti-virus and anti-spam are kept up to date. The team of engineers assigned to nia are always very helpful and able to resolve any IT problems raised by staff. If this is not possible, they quickly inform us and provide solutions. The service provided whether the staff member has a lot of IT knowledge or not is always the same. The engineers are polite and very supportive of the staff. They also liaise with third party organisations regarding any IT issues on our behalf Since Tetrabyte have taken over the service, issues with IT are now at a minimum which is very important for the work that we do. I have no hesitations in recommending Tetrabyte to any other organisation, due to the high level of support they provide.”

Ring us today on our own UK free phone number (0800 160 1066) and chat with one of our trusted representatives to see how we can work with you for peace of mind and deliver extraordinary IT Customer Service. There are no minimum contracts, there is no deception, and guaranteed there is no hassle. Our mission is simply to provide excellence so you can focus on what matters.

Server Backup Systems

If you run a business, whether it be large or small, you need to have a server backup system. Imagine your office had a fire, a power surge, a flood, or even a theft? All of your data that makes up your entire company would be gone, and with that maybe your business that you’ve worked so hard to create. That is why it is of paramount importance to use server backup systems. It’s like having a house, with no house insurance. What would you do if it burnt down or flooded.

That is why we take it so seriously at Tetrabyte, and offer unlimited off-site managed backups, which mean we backup your servers every night. Here are three reasons why you should choose us to backup your systems.

1. We offer you UNLIMITED

Unlike some other IT Support companies, who would charge you per a gigabyte of data, we offer you unlimited backup for a fixed monthly fee. That means you can have as much data as you want backed up, and have no nasty hidden costs at the end of the month.

2. We keep you safe

Before your data leaves your server and comes to our off-site storage, we ensure it is industry level encrypted, to make sure you data is always safe, no matter what happens.

3. We manage and monitor everything for you

There is no point to have a backup if you don’t know whether it is running or now. That is why we provide you with expert engineers who run and receive reports on the data we back up for you each night. That way, if there is an issue, someone will be onto fixing it straight away.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you give us a call today on 0800 160 1066 so we can make sure that your data is kept secure and safe.


Small Business IT Support: Tetrabyte Backbone

Small Business IT Support from tbyte.comThe UK Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) shows statistics that small businesses enabled over fifteen million jobs and a combined turnover of about £six trillion in the United Kingdom. They also point out that small businesses comprise 99% of privately-owned businesses in the UK, 48% of private sector employment, and 33% of private sector turnover. At Tetrabyte, we understand the critical importance and benefits of unlimited and trusted Small Business IT Support to support your efforts. We’d like to be your backbone when it comes to this.

The majority (55 per cent) of small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t last more than five years, according to new research from insurer RSA. Beyond survival, businesses also face juggling and managing a number of challenges to achieve growth. Two-thirds (63 per cent) of small business owners admit that it is hard to expand their firm. This rises to 80% in London & the South East, and 75% in Scotland.

We’d like to be on your quest for innovation by offering unmatched and dedicated support for your small business, at a price that will make you smile. We ensure that a qualified technical engineer is your direct point of contact for all of your small business IT support needs, connecting in under a minute to our solution team. Our remote but intimate all-inclusive unlimited services include:

  • Off-Site Managed Back-Up
  • Spam Email Filtering
  • Web Hosting
  • Managed Exchange
  • Fibre Optic Broadband
  • Business Telephone Systems

We offer peace of mind that your business systems are in the most capable and competent hands. We place paramount importance on developing confident relationships with our customers so they know they can rely on us for all of their technical needs. In this way, the leaders and employees can focus on taking your business to the next level. Ring us on our UK toll-free number 0800 160 1066 to chat with one of our supremely qualified & accommodating representatives about what Small Business IT Support solutions Tetrabyte can deliver for you.

IT Solutions: The Grass IS Greener!

IT Solutions from tbyte.comThere is no shortage of companies online claiming to be the ultimate champion of the IT Solutions business. Often though, the service for such large companies advertising the “best” is impersonal and not customized to the needs of your business or organization. There are usually minimum contracts, hidden fees and a customer service link that connects to a third party first instead of a qualified professional who can handle your questions and concerns immediately.

At Tetrabyte, our IT Solutions model is based around the service that employees can ring a qualified engineer directly to troubleshoot any problems that they may experience. In this way, we can be the single point of call for all employees in your business so that your management team can focus on the bottom line and not be distracted by technical issues that slow productivity. By offering our unlimited use agreement, we ensure that your employees will not hesitate to call on our qualified professionals to handle any and all situations that can arise.

Our mission is to go above and beyond the contract and really partner with our clients. We provide support based on the quantity of servers and work stations that need reporting. However, the personalized IT solutions are not just limited to that.  We support your entire network, including printers, copiers, internet connections, wireless devices and anything that can be networked. Our guarantee also extends to the Microsoft Operating Systems and Office suite on the server and workstation; third party software such as sage accounts and payroll; and document management systems such as InVu or Goldmine.

Contact us on our UK toll-free number 0800 160 1066 to chat with one of our friendly representatives about what Tetrabyte can do specifically for your organisation. Our mission is to safety-blanket your network with our technical security and expertise. When it comes to IT Solutions, our satisfied clients would agree that the grass is always greener with Tetrabyte.


Backup And Restore Your Servers

We can’t tell you how much people in different businesses just don’t backup and restore their servers. Its shocking how many simply don’t see it as important or necessary.

But at Tetrabyte, we can tell you firsthand that if you are starting almost any business online you absolutely need to backup and restore their data. Lets be serious, virtually everything is online now (haha I enjoy a good pun!). So naturally, all of your business’ data needs to be stored not only in your computers but online as well.

Aside from being just basic good business record keeping, its absolutely essential in the event that one or all (Heaven forbid) of your business’ computers crash and lose all of their data.

That is when you start to see people super enthusiastic about backing up their serves. Because they have lost ALL of their files and data and regret the foolish decision not to back up and restore whether its daily, weekly, or monthly.  This isn’t just true of businesses but also individuals.

I personally never even thought of backing up my data ever- until my computer crashed and nothing was salvageable. It was my first computer I had it for about 5 years and then gone. Everything gone because I couldn’t be bothered to learn that its possible to lose all your information.

Don’t let that be you. Insure the safety of your data and the longevity of your business by through regular back up and restore.

If you’re serious about being business savvy, call us on 0800 160 1066 to find out about our unlimited usage off-site backup service. We can securely save all your data every evening and encrypt it to current industry standards so that no matter what your data is secure.

Backup and Restore by