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In compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we wish to inform you of the following information regarding collection, processing and retention of your personal/business data. This agreement may be updated frequently as we work to provide the most accurate information possible to our clients, please check back regularly to ensure you understand your rights.

Tetrabyte may, during the course of business, be required to collect personal information about you.

Data Collection

Data collection and processing for the purposes of Accounting, including but not limited to names, addresses, contact information, payment information is required to fulfil the legal obligations of the Company and its directors. Data collected for this purpose will be held for as long as is legally required and them securely destroyed. This data is excluded from your rights to erasure of personal data. This data will be stored for as long as is legally required and removed during an annual audit after this period has expired.

Tetrabyte may collect data during the course of business, this may include but is not limited to such information as names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, usernames, passwords and other such information. This information is required by Tetrabyte to provide continuous service to our customers including marketing of potentially beneficial products or services and is classified as ‘legitimate interests’ under GDPR as Tetrabyte require the collection, storage and processing of this data to provide our services and ongoing recommendations to our customers. This data may also be shared with third parties in order to provide services to you or your organisation.

Tetrabyte may collect data during the course of business, this data is often provided by clients and used for monitoring, diagnostic, customer satisfaction, support or consultancy purposes and may include all and any personal data provided to the client by service users. This information is required for Tetrabyte to provide contractually obligated services to clients and will be retained until such time as this is no longer required. This information may be considered as held for ‘legitimate interests’ under GDPR until such time as the client requests removal of such data. If you have concerns that Tetrabyte may hold personal data shared from clients that no longer have legitimate interest in holding your data, please in the first instance contact the client directly whom you provided the information to and request they contact us, if this course fails, please contact the data controller with the information below.

Tetrabyte may collect data in regards to support provided, this may include but is not limited to, support session data, chat logs, connection information, customer satisfaction surveys, computer and user information, IP addresses, call recordings, login information, files and folders from your computer. By accepting this agreement you are authorising this collection and processing of data by Tetrabyte for the purposes of providing support and on-going services to yourself and your organisation. This information may at any time be shared with your organisation or the organisations listed below in the interests of that organisation. ‘Your organisation’ is defined as the organisation who contract Tetrabyte to provide IT Support Services on your behalf, this may be your employer or an external agency providing services that require support under.

Tetrabyte may collect data in regards to your usage of the website, including pages visits, times, dates, IP addresses and actions performed while visiting the site. This information is collected for legitimate business interests in determining the user experience while browsing our site and providing insight into how we may improve visitor experience. We hold this data for up to 26 Months from a tracked users last access to our services and delete it after this time. This data may be shared with third party providers who analyse and report on such data.

Tetrabyte may collect data in regards to sales opportunities, this may include information submitted by contact forms or recorded telephone calls, this data may be recorded in written notes and stored by Tetrabyte for the purposes of following up and progressing sales prospects. This data is held for business purposes and may be retained by Tetrabyte to monitor who we have previously been in contact with and the nature of those communications. This is required for legitimate business interest and will be processed accordingly. If you wish for Tetrabyte to cease contacting you regarding previous sales opportunities, please contact the Data Protection Officer below and efforts will be made to ensure we no longer contact you.

At this time, Tetrabyte does not collect any other personal data from you or use data collected for any other purposes if this policy changes in future, we will update this page, please ensure you check back regularly to ensure you are aware of your rights.

Client Data Sharing

Tetrabyte may during the course of business be provided or gain access to personal data held by our customers regarding their own clients. Customers of Tetrabyte should ensure that their clients are informed that data may be shared with their IT Support Providers for business operations, including but not limited to support and assistance with problems relating the the files containing data, the software used to access the data or providing backup services for the data. Data may be held by Tetrabyte as required to provide assistance to the client. All requests for data management with regards to customer data should in the first instance be directed to the customer directly, if this fails the client can contact the Tetrabyte Data Controller.

During the course of business clients will be required to provide personal information regarding staff members to Tetrabyte Ltd in order to setup accounts and provide support. Please ensure your staff are aware that you are sharing this information and that in turn, Tetrabyte may share that information with service providers in order to provide you with the services required.

Tetrabyte may use systems that log users login habits both to Tetrabyte Hosted and to clients own systems, these are used primarily to assist in the provision of support to the client and provide records of systems access. Clients should inform their staff this logging may be in place.

Tetrabyte may track, monitor and log analytical data about the use of our sites.
Google terms and privacy policies apply to our sites and services.

Sharing of Data

Tetrabyte may require, for the accurate and timely fulfilment of Legal Obligations, HR and Accountancy processes and to provide you with a range of products and services, to share your data with third parties. These Companies may include:

  • Accountancy and Book Keeping Management
  • HR Management
  • Service Providers
  • Hardware / Software Suppliers
  • Support Partners
  • Solicitors
  • Website Services and Analytic’s

Changes will be updated here as required.


Your Rights

The GDPR includes the following rights for individuals:

  • the right to be informed
  • the right of access
  • the right to rectification
  • the right to erasure
  • the right to restrict processing
  • the right to data portability
  • the right to object
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision making including profiling

You have a right under the GDPR to ensure that your data is up to date and accurate. If you have any concerns over the accuracy of data held on you, please write to the Data Protection Officer below.

You have a right under the GDPR to access, review and receive a copy of any data held on you by Tetrabyte. If you would like to exercise this right, please write to the Data Protection Officer below.

How to contact the Data Protection Officer

Please use the contact information below to write to the Data Protection Officer. In order for us to fully comply with your rights under the act, all requests being made should clearly mention “General Data Protection Regulations” and include your full name, address and relevant contact information for a response. Requests submitted by any other means than written letter may not be processed.

Data Protection Officer:

Name:   Mr James Cuthbert

Position: Company Director

Address: Tetrabyte Ltd, Portland Place, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1QN


If you are unhappy with any decision made by the Data Protection Officer and wish to escalate your case. You will need to contact the Information Commissioners Office via for further information on your rights.

Data Breaches

In the unlikely event of a Data Breach, Tetrabyte contact you via the last known details we hold on file for you. It is your responsibility to ensure that such information is up to date both during and after your employment. You will be informed as far as is technically possible of the data that has been potentially compromised and where you can seek further advise about your rights.


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  • Having now been with Tetrabyte some months and using their expertise in IT Support I can only praise the whole team for their professional attitude. They resolve issues quickly and go above and beyond by ensuring that when something is fixed it stays fixed… I am happy with their level of support and cannot but recommend them and their services.

    Hendri Cawood, London

  • …As always polite, knowledgeable and can do right now approach with a friendly and approachable personality never leaving me thinking that I am silly for calling even on the most simple of tasks.

    Sarah Veness, Hastings

  • The guys are always at the other end of the phone and log straight in remotely to fix the problem there and then (no down time). Whatever is necessary to get the job done the team at Tetrabyte will do it.

    Murray Greenhill, East Sussex

  • Since Tetrabyte have taken over the service, issues with IT are now at a minimum which is very important for the work that we do. I have no hesitations in recommending Tetrabyte to any other organisation, due to the high level of support they provide.

    Rachel Evans, London

  • I get many calls and emails from IT support companies offering their services but I am 100% confident that Tetrabyte provide the best service for our organization. I would certainly recommend them.

    Di Smith, East Sussex

  • We have worked with Tetrabyte for about seven years now and have found them to be brilliant. As somebody that isn’t the most IT literate, I have found them to be extremely helpful, patient and supportive…

    Debbie Hargreaves, St Leonards on Sea

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