PC Slow? Dropbox Installed?

Lately we have been seeing many users with slow computers, this seems to be caused by the drbsvc dropbox service creating errors in the event log every second.

The resolution is simple, upgrade from version 29.4.20 to 30.3.17!

To do this,

First, Open the dropbox website, you can do this by opening dropbox from your system tray and then clicking the little planet logo in the top right.

Next, Access your settings, these are found by clicking on the smiling face in the top right corner of the site and then selecting settings

Then, Half way down the settings page, there is an option on the right ‘Include me on early releases’ – Tick this option!

Changes are saved automatically, so now we just need to trigger the upgrade of the software itself.

To do this, Open your start menu and type ‘Task Scheduler’, when this opens, click ‘Task Scheduler Library’ to view the computers Scheduled Tasks

Lastly, right click each of the Dropbox tasks and select ‘Run’

It takes a few mins but once updated you’ll see a significant improvement!

Written By: Ashley - Tetrabyte

Ashley is the I.T. Manager of Tetrabyte Managed I.T. and has worked with the director since 2009 to grow the company to the position its in today. As an MCSE and active member of the support team Ashley is able to advise on a wide range of topics and provides support to the team when and where needed.

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